Investment size

We focus on companies and transactions with the total business value (Enterprise value) in the range between 3 and 20 million EUR. Both larger and smaller transactions are considered if they meet other investment criteria.



The investment preference is on so called real sector companies with strong preference on the following:

  • Specialized niche manufacturing companies with significant export, especially in fields of metal, electronic products and its components, IT equipment and similar;

  • commercial real estate objects - warehouses, industrial parks, retail areas and offices;

  • Manufacturers with a strong brand name and significant export;

  • Healthcare sector - producers and service providers;

  • Specialized infrastructure implementation, design and service providers.

Investment Region

The main investment interest concentrates on Latvian companies and transactions in the territory of Latvia, however in specific cases also investments in companies located in Estonia, Lithuania as well as in Scandinavian countries, Poland and Germany could be considered.

About us

LR Capital is a professional and dedicated private equity investment and management company with a focus on long-term investments in Latvian and Baltic companies.


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