DEPO DIY opens its first store in Tallinn, Estonia

Depo DIY, one of the leading representatives of the Baltic DIY retail industry, opened its first store in Tallinn, Estonia on October 14, 2020. With the store opening, DEPO DIY oficially became a brand represented in all three Baltic countries.

The newly opened store is one of the largest DIY stores in Estonia.

The store, which covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters, is located in the new business quarter "Avala". About 45 million euros have been invested in it so far. The "Avala" quarter is being built in accordance with the new ecological requirements. So, for example, the roof of the "Depo" is covered in 15,000 square meters of solar panels, which allows providing at least a third of the total energy consumption required for the entire business quarter.


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