Valpro continues sustainable development

SIA VALPRO, one of the largest metal processing companies in the Baltic States, specializing in the production of metal cans, fire extinguisher cylinders and various other systems, as well as providing the services in gas cylinder inspection and conformity reassessment, in the financial year 2020, which closed on September 30, continued its stable growth pattern.
Revenue in the financial year 2020 increased by 12.4% and reached 17.22mEUR.

By investing 380 000 EUR, since January this year VALPRO has supplemented their services provided with a new type inspection service - ultrasonic testing of 0.6 liter aluminum cylinders. The planned volume of the service offering is more than 400,000 aluminum cylinders per year.

Also in July 2020, Bureau Veritas  performed a certification audit of VALPRO in the areas of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 with an extension in the field of energy management and ISO 45001: 2018 standards “Occupational health and safety management system”. The obtained ISO certificates confirm that VALPRO aims for the highest quality of the product and service provided, minimum business impact on the environment, energy-efficient and effective production, and maximum safe working environment that meets the basic principles of modern and sustainable development.



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